Monday, August 3, 2015

Random Musings

So earlier this week I began a journey that involved 2 LOOOONG days of driving. Now I was very fortunate to have completed this drive in a reliable and comfortable vehicle. So comfortable that I was afforded the luxury of satellite radio which was awesome at first however I mentally compiled a list of songs that at the beginning of my journey I enjoyed but now have no desire to hear Ever.Again.

1. The Weekend I Can't Feel My Face
I Can't Feel My Face
I honestly liked this song and enjoyed it until this week. As my drive continued and I heard it for the millionth time I begin to wonder WTF? The song makes no sense! I can't feel my face when I'm with you? Really? That might be considered a health problem, you might want to get it checked out. Oh but wait you like it? Uhhhhh maybe not healthy.

2. Fifth Harmony Worth It ft. Kid Ink
Worth It
Ok again, a catchy song that I used to like to sing along to, however over playing it like 10 times an hour just ruins it. When I would hear it I began singing along in a nasaly tone that bordered on a witch's cackle. Probably not my finest hour, at least other drivers couldn't hear me!

3. Taylor Swift Bad Blood
Bad Blood
Peanut and I LOVE Taylor Swift but I am So.Over.This.Song. I get it, y'all used to be friends but now not so much. Friends come and go, reason, season, lifetime blah blah blah but wow, you really pack a punch here literally and figuratively

 4. Walk The Moon Shut Up and Dance
Another song that in the past I have found to be catchy but I was never very comfortable with the whole use of "shut up". I just find the saying impolite. Then add to the overuse in this song plus the over play and I am Over.It. I really just want to encourage whomever it is to just dance! Dance like no one is watching! Shake it! A good dance marathon while washing dishes, sweeping the floor, or doing laundry never hurt anyone, well ok maybe those of us that are less than graceful but we still end up happy!

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