Friday, February 13, 2015

Grandmas, Mommy, and Peanut Weekend!

So last year mom, my mother-in-law, Peanut and I began a new tradition - going to Great Wolf Lodge over mid-winter break. Currently we are enjoying the 85* temperature inside the hotel water park while the rest of the state is enjoying bitter temperatures and snow.  We love it here but I learned some interesting things today:
1. Once you become a parent and you begin to participate in the "family fun" you must pack the essentials. While checking in I saw a cart with not only the luggage that was needed for the trip but also the absolute necessities of a large case of juice boxes stacked on top of a large case of beer.
2. The restaurant is more than happy to offer to go cups of your favorite adult beverage that can be taken anywhere in the hotel.  This totally beats the slurpee that they add rum to and call a daiquiri at the pool!
3. No matter how old a person looks or how many children they have they are still a frat boy at heart. Case in point with the dads that were cheering their sons on as they face planted from log to log in the pool ignoring the rope that they are supposed to "monkey bar" across. I will say, in all this cheering they totally avoided spilling their beers!
We have such a great time when we are here!!!! ❤️ it!!!

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