Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Car Conversations Take 2

So a few weeks ago, DH and I went on a small road trip for his birthday.  While we were in the car, this song came on and I was super excited because I totally LOVE it!  DH did not know that it was P!nk and also liked it.  Flash forward to last weekend.  We are in the car again, on a road trip again and this song comes on again.  I am ready to turn it up and sing along in true car singing fashion.  DH looks at me and says:

(DH) "I like this song but I hear it way too much!  It's played on EVERY station, even the adult contemporary station that they play at work!  AND I hear it 3 times a day just on my way to work!"

(ME) "What?  I like NEVER hear it!  Maybe I am driving to work at the wrong time!"

(DH) "I really do like the song, it's just getting to be too much."

(ME) "Can we listen to it anyway?"

20 Minutes later:

(ME) "Wahoo!  It's on!"

(DH) "Seriously? Do you see what I am saying?"

(ME) "What?"

25 Minutes Later

(ME) "Sweet! LOVE it!"

(DH) "Ok, now do you see. This is the 3rd time!"

All in all, in the 4 hour drive we heard this song 5 times.  Still LOVE it!  However on the return trip we didn't hear it all.  

(ME) "I can't believe we didn't hear the P!nk song that I love, love, love!"

(DH) "Awesome you just jinxed me"

Today this is the text message I received:

'I heard the P!nk song 4 times on my drive to work and now it is playing in the office'

**I have yet to hear it!**

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The View From the Porch (or in today's case the bay window)

So living in the center of town there are days where it can be very exciting on my street.  Not like car chase exciting, like where is the camera to catch the look on my face kind of exciting.  Yesterday was no different.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, people were out walking their dogs or doing yard work.  DH was outside mowing the front lawn and Peanut and I were in the house working on a scrapbook.  All of a sudden I no longer heard the lawn mower and looked out the window.  DH was speaking with someone who was parking in front of our neighbor's house.  As I am watching, a person comes from the direction of the ally that runs on the other side of our neighbor's house, yelling and looking angry. Hmmmm, what in the world could be going on?
On Friday, DH spoke with the owner of the building on the corner of our street as we are having difficulties with the tenants of the building parking up all of the spaces in front of our house (thus leaving garbage on our lawn) and the tenants also bring their large dog down to do his business on our lawn.  Now, I am a dog lover, I have 3 of my own but there is a reason my dogs do their business in the back yard, also we live in a town where it is expected that you clean up after your dog when you walk them.  Well that isn't happening and we found many little gifts in our yard.  Anywho, the landlord told DH that he should write a nice letter or speak to the tenants about this less than desirable behavior.
The opportunity presented itself yesterday.  However I don't think it went planned the way the landlord felt it would.  DH was called every name under the sun and pretty much told they will continue to do whatever they want.  Awesome.  Fortunately, a police officer was readily available and DH had a very productive conversation with him.  Maybe once they get a ticket for their dog doo we can lay this to rest.  

*As a side note, after I began writing this, I noticed a large group of teens walking down the street.  They proceeded to walk through every yard on our street, maybe they need a flip flop full of dog doo!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Car Conversations

So yesterday a I picked Peanut up from Preschool.  As we were driving home I was asking her about her day.  The following is the conversation that transpired:

Me: How was your day?

Peanut: It was great!  We watched a movie!

Me: How fun!  What movie did you watch?

Peanut: An ABC movie.  But my teacher had to put a square into a rectangle so that we could watch the movie.

Me (thinking) a square into a rectangle? OMG! A VCR and video!  She has NEVER seen these!!!

Me: Peanut that rectangle is called a VCR and the square is a video.

Peanut: No mommy!  It's a movie.

Me: Ok, but a video is how the movie is played on the VCR

Peanut: Oh, ok!

Who knew that I would ever have to explain what a VCR was?!?!?!?!?!  Can't wait to show her a rotary dial phone!!!!!!!