Wednesday, December 17, 2014


So I have discovered the magic of "The Elf on the Shelf".  First and foremost, Peanut's elf "Cupcake" has been instrumental in reminding her just how she should behave in these weeks leading up to Christmas.  Not that we have many issues with her but in my experience even some of the best kids lose their minds a little as Santa's appearance draws near.  Secondly, DH and I are having a BLAST coming up with creative ways for Cupcake to show his face.  Even more than the aforementioned reasons, the joy that Peanut has when she discovers what Cupcake has done while she is sleeping is priceless.  Now, I have to share this little tidbit of history with you before I continue with the elf and his adventures.  I have a confession to make:
I made my parents MISERABLE at Christmas with the idea of Santa!!!!!!!
Whew! Glad to get that out! That will be a story for another day but I will tell you that had "The Elf on the Shelf" been popular during my childhood, all bets would have been off and my dad would have made the elf so believable, I would still be having issues!
Back to our Cupcake.  He made his appearance in  grandiose fashion:
Cupcake gift wrapped Peanut's bedroom door and left her a note from Santa!
Peanut's face was priceless!  She couldn't believe that Cupcake wrapped her door!!!!  My mama was in town for the holiday and helped me with this endeavor.  So parenting failure number 2375, I had planned on doing this, had the paper and the ribbon but no tape!  The paper is actually duct tape which i accidentally left on the table next to Peanut's bed!  Then the next day, Peanut fund it and told me that Cupcake used "this tape on my door and left it out!". FAIL.  I had another parenting failure that day, number 2376 if you are keeping score, Peanut found the pictures of the elf on my camera. I was on my game and exclaimed "Cupcake took selfies on mommy's camera!".  Peanut then proceeded to write Santa a detailed letter about Cupcake's antics including taking mommy's camera and taking selfies! The things we say to keep the magic alive!