Wednesday, December 17, 2014


So I have discovered the magic of "The Elf on the Shelf".  First and foremost, Peanut's elf "Cupcake" has been instrumental in reminding her just how she should behave in these weeks leading up to Christmas.  Not that we have many issues with her but in my experience even some of the best kids lose their minds a little as Santa's appearance draws near.  Secondly, DH and I are having a BLAST coming up with creative ways for Cupcake to show his face.  Even more than the aforementioned reasons, the joy that Peanut has when she discovers what Cupcake has done while she is sleeping is priceless.  Now, I have to share this little tidbit of history with you before I continue with the elf and his adventures.  I have a confession to make:
I made my parents MISERABLE at Christmas with the idea of Santa!!!!!!!
Whew! Glad to get that out! That will be a story for another day but I will tell you that had "The Elf on the Shelf" been popular during my childhood, all bets would have been off and my dad would have made the elf so believable, I would still be having issues!
Back to our Cupcake.  He made his appearance in  grandiose fashion:
Cupcake gift wrapped Peanut's bedroom door and left her a note from Santa!
Peanut's face was priceless!  She couldn't believe that Cupcake wrapped her door!!!!  My mama was in town for the holiday and helped me with this endeavor.  So parenting failure number 2375, I had planned on doing this, had the paper and the ribbon but no tape!  The paper is actually duct tape which i accidentally left on the table next to Peanut's bed!  Then the next day, Peanut fund it and told me that Cupcake used "this tape on my door and left it out!". FAIL.  I had another parenting failure that day, number 2376 if you are keeping score, Peanut found the pictures of the elf on my camera. I was on my game and exclaimed "Cupcake took selfies on mommy's camera!".  Peanut then proceeded to write Santa a detailed letter about Cupcake's antics including taking mommy's camera and taking selfies! The things we say to keep the magic alive!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Two Girls and a Dog

Earlier this week I embarked on an amazing adventure! Before the sun was up Suzy Q, myself and K (Suzy Q's toy Yorkie) began our journey across the country towards Colorado.  You would think that this would be some what uneventful yet we found ourselves in some interesting places and situations.
While still in Michigan:
While we were still trekking across our great state and the sun was rising behind us we began to watch a driver who was erratically swerving lane to lane.  Suzy Q and I became concerned. Once we were a safe distance away from the said driver we called the proper authorities about the driver.  All of a sudden the other car blasts past us and becomes no where to be seen. About a half hour later we passed the said car on the side of the road empty. Apparently our concerns were founded.
Indiana and Illinois were uneventful with little to report.
Ahhhh Iowa was an adventure! We began Iowa by stopping at "The Largest Truck Stop in the World". This place was INSANE!!!!! Not only did this have what we found to be the CLEANEST bathrooms we encountered but there was also a barber, a dentist and the trucking museum.  But our adventure in Iowa didn't end there.  When we left the aforementioned stop, the sun was shining and the sky was blue.  However, it didn't stay that way. While Suzy Q drove, I took a little nap but when I woke up the sky was GROSS!  According to the weather, storms were headed our way - BAD storms.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I have anxiety when it comes to storms.  We had to pull over into a rest area while the storm blew through.  We found out later there were some funnel clouds and huge hail. Phew!!!! We couldn't get out of there fast enough!!!!!!
Nebraska passed with beautiful weather and nothing special to report. We arrived in Denver around 12 mountain time!!!! Let the adventures begin!!!!


Saturday, May 10, 2014

So you get to color all day?

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending my friend Suzie Q's soccer game.  It was a great game and I really enjoyed watching (notice I have said nothing about wanting to play - I probably would've collapsed in the first 5 minutes).  While I was watching, the woman next to me started chatting with me.  As we were chatting I said that Suzie Q and I taught together.  The woman asked what grades.  When I told her that I taught first she quickly exclaimed "That must be so fun!  You get to color and play all day!"  Ummmmmm riiiiiiiight...... It blows my mind to know that people still view teaching in this way.  I am ashamed to say that I cannot even recall the last time my kiddos picked up a crayon unless they were in art class with the art teacher.  There are so many intellectual demands on the littles now that sometimes I have to purposely plan for the fun.  So do I get to color all day? No. Do I wish that I could? Sometimes (see my mom's post about crayon therapy  Maybe someday people will realize just what exactly teachers do everyday. I leave you with this awesome video that always makes me smile:  

Friday, April 25, 2014

My $5.51 First World Problem

So anyone who knows me knows that this girl LOVES her coffee!!!  Even my kiddos know that my coffee is with me until lunch.  Most days I make coffee at home and bring it in my huge travel mug (it holds 3 cups), sometimes if I am running a bit late I will grab coffee at the gas station in town (which probably isn't that great but hey caffeine is caffeine) and once in a while I treat myself to Starbucks.  Now when I decide to give myself this treat, my choice is a venti caramel macchiato with an extra shot of espresso (a triple venti caramel macchiato for those schooled in Starbucks talk).  Earlier this week I decided that I needed to treat myself (again this is not a daily occurrence, there is no way I could afford this $5.51 cup of heaven every day).  So anywho, my day is going pretty much normally.  As I am sitting with my small group at the table, one of kiddos picked up my coffee (remember the $5.51 coffee) and dumped it all over the other kiddos' papers!  OMG!!!!!!!!!!  I just looked at him like really?  I didn't even know what to say!  The whole room that was just buzzing with activity was absolutely silent.  I know this falls into the category of "first world problems", but really?  He couldn't do it the day previous when I had cheap gas station coffee?  REALLY?!?!?!?  Maybe it has just been too long of a winter here and we are all suffering from a severe case of cabin fever.  Whatever it was, it was not my day to enjoy my heaven in a cup. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


So I find myself frequently questioning my ability to be a parent. I encourage Peanut to try new things and always do her best. We have recently embarked on the gymnastics journey. The place we go is awesome! The coaches are super great and the other kiddos are pretty ok (there is always one tattletale or temper tantrum - never peanut!) and well to be honest I could take or leave the parents. Here's the thing, first of all Peanut is TALL for her age. We know that we are not raising the next gold medalist and that is ok! This is just for fun! It has really helped Peanut with her coordination which if you know us you know that we are NOT graceful people.  But I digress. You are probably wondering why I question my abilities. Two words - other parents. A class of 4 1/2 - 6 year olds was just called to the floor and I heard a mom say "if you have any negative energy, any at all, you need to take that and you need to use it to kill it in class!" WHAT? Seriously? I mean really? Your child is at the oldest in 1st grade! Do you think you have the next Team USA member? So my conclusion to this is, I am an awesome parent. I actually smile a little when Peanut struggles with something. Now before you go all judgmental  on me let me explain. Every milestone and activity Peanut has done she has met early and excelled with. This is good. But there is nothing wrong with learning that things do not always come easy and you have to work for things. So was this a fail for me or the nutty negative energy bar sitting behind me?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Did you ever have that day/week/month/year?

Well it has been quite a while since I have last posted on here (I'm sure you can give me an exact count dad!), but things have been CRAZY!!!  I feel like I have so much to say but I am not sure people want to read on for hours about it.  So what I thought was I would give a quick list of major highlighted events that have prevented me from posting and then some funny stories to share.  Here goes.  Since my last posting:
- I finished my writing class and am now taking an assessment class.  This class is an elective for me and is kicking my tail!
- Right before Christmas our boiler gave up on us - awesome.  Good news that was before we had Polar Vortex 1, 2, 3 and 4!
- When we were to return from winter break we ended up with an extra week off because of the snow and cold.  In fact in January I only taught 9 days! - Seriously 9 days!!!
- Ugh! Assessment class
- After all of this time off my firsties had to take their midyear assessment to which I am proud to say we made an average gain of 128 points in math and 201 points in reading - even with all the breaks!!!!!
- We had a full week in February off!!  Wahoo!!!!!  Peanut and I visited Great Wolf Lodge with both grandmas!  Peanut loved her girl's weekend!!!
- My washing machine bit the dust.  I know right?!?!?!? We can't catch a break with this house lately.  But I guess it was time, the washed came with the house and I believe it was actually older than me!!!
- Still plugging through the assessment class - 4 more weeks!
- Suzie Q and I have planned and are currently implementing one of the BEST reading months our school has seen in a long time!  Once it is over I will share pictures and ideas!
- I went on a scrapbooking trip with the girls and worked on my OWN stuff!  I NEVER get to do that!!!!
-Oh and if I forgot to mention it, my class is almost over and I am literally counting down the days!!!!

I will leave you now with the following conversation between me and Peanut:
Setting - the car on the way home from school
Peanut: Mom, you still haven't put a note in my lunchbox.
Me: What do you mean a note?
Peanut: I told you, I wanted a note from you in my lunchbox.
Me: Why?
Peanut: Everyone else gets a note in their lunchbox from their mommy.
Me: Really?  Everyone?
Peanut: Well not S____ she gets hot lunch.
Me: Oh so she gets a free pass.  I will try to remember. (In my head I am thinking, you can't read yet so your teacher probably loves me because you are the one student that she doesn't have to read a note to. )
Peanut: I am going to warn you tomorrow.
Me: Warn or remind?
Peanut: Remind.
Apparently this has become a trend to send notes in the lunch.  I missed the memo on this. I have explored the option of printable ones I have found on Pinterest as well as premade sets that can be bought.  Don't laugh, I looked into it.  DH told me that is all fine and dandy until 3 of the kiddos show up with the same note on the same day!  LOL!!!  Ok.  Enough of my adventures.  I will try my best not to let too much time go by before writing again!!!!