Thursday, July 3, 2014

Two Girls and a Dog

Earlier this week I embarked on an amazing adventure! Before the sun was up Suzy Q, myself and K (Suzy Q's toy Yorkie) began our journey across the country towards Colorado.  You would think that this would be some what uneventful yet we found ourselves in some interesting places and situations.
While still in Michigan:
While we were still trekking across our great state and the sun was rising behind us we began to watch a driver who was erratically swerving lane to lane.  Suzy Q and I became concerned. Once we were a safe distance away from the said driver we called the proper authorities about the driver.  All of a sudden the other car blasts past us and becomes no where to be seen. About a half hour later we passed the said car on the side of the road empty. Apparently our concerns were founded.
Indiana and Illinois were uneventful with little to report.
Ahhhh Iowa was an adventure! We began Iowa by stopping at "The Largest Truck Stop in the World". This place was INSANE!!!!! Not only did this have what we found to be the CLEANEST bathrooms we encountered but there was also a barber, a dentist and the trucking museum.  But our adventure in Iowa didn't end there.  When we left the aforementioned stop, the sun was shining and the sky was blue.  However, it didn't stay that way. While Suzy Q drove, I took a little nap but when I woke up the sky was GROSS!  According to the weather, storms were headed our way - BAD storms.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I have anxiety when it comes to storms.  We had to pull over into a rest area while the storm blew through.  We found out later there were some funnel clouds and huge hail. Phew!!!! We couldn't get out of there fast enough!!!!!!
Nebraska passed with beautiful weather and nothing special to report. We arrived in Denver around 12 mountain time!!!! Let the adventures begin!!!!


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