Saturday, May 10, 2014

So you get to color all day?

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending my friend Suzie Q's soccer game.  It was a great game and I really enjoyed watching (notice I have said nothing about wanting to play - I probably would've collapsed in the first 5 minutes).  While I was watching, the woman next to me started chatting with me.  As we were chatting I said that Suzie Q and I taught together.  The woman asked what grades.  When I told her that I taught first she quickly exclaimed "That must be so fun!  You get to color and play all day!"  Ummmmmm riiiiiiiight...... It blows my mind to know that people still view teaching in this way.  I am ashamed to say that I cannot even recall the last time my kiddos picked up a crayon unless they were in art class with the art teacher.  There are so many intellectual demands on the littles now that sometimes I have to purposely plan for the fun.  So do I get to color all day? No. Do I wish that I could? Sometimes (see my mom's post about crayon therapy  Maybe someday people will realize just what exactly teachers do everyday. I leave you with this awesome video that always makes me smile: